Coming Out Summary

COMING OUT is the title of this course designed to help you understand the coming out process.  Families of gay children go through the same processes as they “come out” as a parent of a gay child.

When a person comes out they first recognize that they are different from the majority. This brings out identify confusion which plays out in questioning, self-examination, and often denial. This is followed by a period of identity assumption and self-acceptance.

In this course, you will identify six stages in the coming out process.
1. Awareness
2. Acknowledgement
3. Tolerance
4. Acceptance
5. Pride
6. Synthesis.

As you understand what people go through or will go through as they come to terms with their sexuality, you will see that you are on a parallel path.


  • Coming out to yourself
  • Living your identity
  • Coming out to adult family
  • Always coming out
  • Coming out to spouse