For Father

Discovering that a child or family member is gay (GLBTQ+) is sometimes initially seen as a crisis.  Whether it is a son or a daughter you will have many questions:

  • Did my child choose to be GLBT?
  • Why is my child GLBT?
  • What did I do wrong that caused my son/daughter to be gay?
  • Though you might begin to  list things you feel you could have done differently, your son/daughter is not gay or transgender because of anything you did or did not do. This is a time when your son/daughter needs your support more than ever.

    • How can I accept my gay child?
    • How do I let my gay son/daughter know I love him/her?

    There were many ideas, plans, and hopes for you and your child.  As you learn more, you will develop new hopes and expectations for your future together.

    • Listen to your child carefully
    • Educate yourself
    • Let your child know that you love him/her