Living Your Identity

Dr. Robert McLaughlin introduces us to the joys and concerns related to sharing our sexual orientation or gender identity with others in our social network. Today we live a different world than even ten years ago. Evaluate your own situation to determine how Dr. McLaughlin’s expertise can be applied to family.

Introduction to Coming Out

Dr. McLaughlin offers sound advice about coming out.

Reasons for Coming Out

Dr. McLaughlin has some insightful reasons for coming our that may give you encouragement for sharing in your social network.

Unintended-Malicious Disclosure

There are always some persons who are well meaning that want to help you with your coming out.  Others  might be spiteful and wanting to cause you harm. Dr. McLaughlin’s approach can help you deal with the disclosure.

Have you seen unintended disclosure in your family? How was the situation handled?

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