Myth 3: Gay people can change.

This myth is loaded with judgments about sexuality, relationships and how things should be. This myth tells us that LGBTQ+ people need to change to be like everyone else.


  • There is something wrong with LGBTQ+ people, they need to be fixed
  • If LGBTQ+ people want to fit in, they need to change
  • LGBTQ+ people who do not change are not really trying.

An Apology: Reparative Therapy does not Work


Research findings do not support the idea that sexual orientation can be purposefully altered — taught or learned through social means — or that non-heterosexual orientations become more common with increased social tolerance.

Source: Bailey J, Vasey P, Diamond L, Breedlove S, Vilain E, Epprecht M. Sexual Orientation, Controversy, and Science. Psychological Science in the Public Interest. 2016.

The Science of Sexual Orientation

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